El psicólogo dijo que cuando una persona se ríe en vez de enojarse, es de bajo autoestima, muy tolerante y suele mentir sobre estado anímico

anahihr asked:
Me encantan esas fotos.

me alegro c:

Anonymous asked:
How do you cut so deep?

easy :) 

talewlew asked:
I've seen all your posts lately, you seem so sad, don't be sad, you are beautiful, take a beautiful moment out of every terrible situation, think of it like this the moon cannot live without the sun, meaning we cannot be happy without sometimes being sad. it will pass, but if you can feel sadness and pain you know your still alive and your not numb, thats good! stay strong x

i want to die :0 <3 somehow i can’t grant that wish

Anonymous asked:
Your weird but i like it:)

thank you n-n

Anonymous asked:
Como le haces para poner las cruces en tu perfil?

:b ✞✞✞✞

nobodylovesaboywithscars asked:
You don't know me and i dont know you but you're beautiful , boy or girl , you were made this way for a reason , someone out there is searching for you, you could find them tomorrow or in a few years time but that isnt to say give up hope, someone loves you for who you are, Stay strong please X

i already gave up, life sucks lml

Anonymous asked:
Es cierto que nadie más que tú puedes ayudarte a salir de esta, pero de veras creo que deberías intentarlo. You're worth saving, you're loved<33

na gracias c:

Anonymous asked:
are the pics of the scars from you ? because it makes me so damn sad to See something like this and Know that i can't help :(

maybe :$

armoredd asked:
Pare de se machucar, meu anjo!